Somewhere Beautiful EP

by Devin Begley

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released January 8, 2018


all rights reserved



Devin Begley California

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Track Name: Somewhere Beautiful
Somewhere Beautiful

Oh my girl
Don't you let life slip through
Your fingers to the floor
Just because we're getting older
We've got so much more
Can't you see
There beyond the horizon
Oh you can fly with me
We'll wave goodbye to your hometown
Get on the next plane and leave
She says no
I cannot fly
Oh it's here
Here in this town
I will die
And I say baby-oh baby-oh
Come on lets go
I will take you somewhere far
Somewhere beautiful
Just take my hand
We'll leave tonight
Oh please take my hand
And we'll leave tonight
But she says no
No no no no
My darling no
Track Name: Navarone

Through all of those wasted nights
I never knew I had this life
Waiting for me
To wake up and see
That the only thing holding me back
Was worry and doubt
That I was alone
That I was alone
But finally I’ve been shown there ain’t nothin’
Worth all of the weepin'
When love is the only thing
That keeps my heart beating baby

Now I know I can
Believe again
In the dreams I had when I was young
And restless with the joy of what tomorrow might bring
Please don’t tell me though
You’ll spoil all the fun

Oh that taste of honey when the day is done
Got my heart beating like the guns of Navarone
Oh me oh my it seems
The future stands in front of me tonight
And if I should fall
Into the brambles stretching towards the sky
Know I’d do it all again
For the chance to breathe back in
The light
The light
Track Name: King of Fools
King of Fools

Well there’s a dive bar known as Hades
On its right is a neon church
They’re competing for the souls of people
Staggerin' home from work
See there’s this man itchin’ for some bourbon
Drank to his last dime
But the bar flies tell him that the house of god
Is giving out free wine
You just listen to a sermon
About how drinking is a sin
And then pray to the lord above
That you will never sin again
They’ll slap ya on the back
Give you a chalice made of gold
Tell ya that it’s Mr. Christ
But tastes like cabernet sauvignon
Oh I’ve seen a thousand faces
Always in the fall
And yes he tends to be that lonely bastard on the wall
Of broken hearts and bitter remedies
Now he cannot quite recall
What was her name
What was her name
What was her name
Oh what a shame
So he sits down by the pulpit
Fixin’ to have him a drink
But then that man nailed on the cross
Seems well aware of his deceit
And that the lies that echo from his throat
Provoke the tears that make him choke
And shout up to the sky
Please set me free
Oh won’t someone please won’t someone set me free
For I have always been a good man
And I ain’t never hurt no one
But when my wishing well went dry
Well I gone and I filled it up with rum
As dark as pitch
As black as night
That spirits gone and drank my sight
And now I wander blind
Where once I had been king
It appears
Those years I fear
Have left me without anything
And so I come to you upon my knees
A beggar and a fool
I lost myself so long ago
I’ve forgotten what is true
But I’m ready
Oh I’m ready
To let go of my old ways
Now let me take that cup from out your hand
And I shall drink them all away
Track Name: Evangeline

I lost myself amongst the trees
While the breeze blew and swayed
With colors that swirled around me
Oh every day I feel I'm slipping away
From the man I thought
I thought I could be
So much more than this
Life was better when I risked it all
And let myself go
I let myself fall
Into into the void
Where I made so much noise

And I found myself again
In the comfort of your bed
Where the days just seemed to go
By so slowly
Oh I hope the glow
Never fades away
Oh babe don’t fade away

Evangeline evangeline
Won’t you come back to me
And lift this weight up off my shoulders
And hold me like you used to do
Back when your love
Was the fountain of youth
And I could swim
I could sink
I would drink from your shores
Where I may live forevermore
Inside your eyes
Like before

For the first time
You were all mine
I was holding on to hope
That one day you’d say
Baby find your way
And we’ll meet again
Further down the road
Oh baby just let go
Track Name: Get Home Soon
Get Home Soon

Oh my dear
I'll be back within a year
Before the autumn bares it all
And bows that once were blooming
Now prepare for snow
Be strong my son
You're the man now that I'm gone
And be sure to keep your mother safe
You cut down anyone that'd do her harm
And if word should reach your door
That I've fallen on some foreign shore
Just know that I am not gone tonight
For I am here in this twilight
And I live on in you
So you be brave
And you be true
Please be careful now
And you make it back somehow
Your love is waiting here for you
And when word reaches our door
That you've returned from that awful war
We will throw a parade for you
And all the friends you knew
Who gave up their lifes so you and I
Could be here
Dancing tonight
Track Name: Vanishing Point
-Vanishing Point-

I was on the road
With you on my mind
And the vanishing point
Was always in sight
So I took my leave
And wandered
All through the night
Just to see if the desert
Could teach me
How to survive

Without you
I am whole
Without you
I’ve got my home

On my back
There are scars
From our love
Like the stars up above
They’ll guide me now
And I’ll find my way through
This world I once knew
Before you were my baby
I was searching for a soul
Someone to hold
And someone that glowed
Through the nights
I could not sleep
Without your light
Without your lace
Without your love

Without your love

Without your love
I’ll find my strength within
And mend my broken heart again
Like a wall
The cracks begin
To show the light of day
Off the horizon
Rising slowly
Off the horizon
Rising slowly
I see the sun

Now the west is mine
And I sleep on her shore
With your east at my back
And one foot out the door
You can’t stop me now
For I’ve got nothing to lose
The winds in my sails
Oh the ocean is glittering blue

And gold
Once again
I will hear the sirens hymn
Oh the song!
Oh the song!
Oh the song!
Calls me out amongst the waves
To rejoice or find my grave
In her arms!
In her arms!
In her arms!

But maybe
There is something
Waiting for me
At the edge of the world

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